Helping entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals to experience greater success and happiness through the power of Flow.

Dan Levin, Founder & Coach
Rewire Coaching & Consulting

Hi I'm Dan,


I am a certified professional coach and consultant who helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals to live happier, more successful, more fulfilled lives.

Using a revolutionary understanding of how our minds work, I help clients to "rewire" their inner operating systems to live, work, and play more from a state of flow. I call this new way of operating "Flow OS."

The benefits of Flow OS are extraordinary and include:

  • Higher performance and better results at whatever you are up to

  • Greater clarity, direction, and purpose

  • A sense of effortless productivity

  • Inner peace and stillness.

  • Drastic reduction in overthinking, overwhelm, and being "up in your head"

  • More present in life, less preoccupied

  • Less stress and anxiety

  • Improved health, well-being, and relationships

  • Personal, professional, and spiritual fulfillment

  • Greater resilience. Able to handle the ups and downs of life with more ease.

Flow is a state that seems to make everything better.  It amplifies the best in us, while quieting our neurotic thinking. It gives us super human abilities of creativity, inspiration, ingenuity, and insight, and we gain access to an inner guidance system that provides clarity, direction, and purpose.

Flow is a way of operating that drives peak performance, and at the same time elicits a deep inner peace. It creates extraordinary results, and at the same time personal and spiritual fulfillment.

In short, Flow is the path to unlocking our full human potential. 

Flow is our natural state. Watch any two year old at play and it’s obvious that we were all born into this state, but we gradually lose access. The good news is that this capacity is still within you, it's just been hidden beneath years of habitual, conditioned thinking. I help you to regain access to this hidden capacity and to integrate it into your work and life.

Throughout this process we are always doing one of two things, Foundation Building or House Building.


Foundation Building is shifting your underlying way of operating. It's helping you to gain a deeper understanding of how the mind works, how Flow works, and how to integrate these principles into your work and life.

House Building is building your "house of dreams". What you want to accomplish. How you want to feel and show up. The real life goals, changes and improvements you want to make.

This approach ensures our work together is both deeply transformative and highly practical. It's real life application is what makes it so valuable.

Tony headshot.jpeg

Tony C. 

Managing Partner,

Hangtime Media

"Working with Dan has opened my eyes to a new way of living.  When we started out, I felt like my life lacked balance and clarity.  Through his coaching, I have developed a tool set to think and see more clearly, and feel balanced.  I have built a foundation to be more present, and have peace of mind even in the face of challenges.  I’ve also learned more about the deeper nature of human beings, and how truly simple (not always easy) it can be for us to live a more complete, full life."

Zac B.

Business Analyst,

Glenmede Trust Company

When I started coaching with Dan, I was burnt out. I was busy blaming external factors for my troubles. Little did I know that I was both the source and the solution to the problem.  Through our coaching sessions I gained a profound new perspective. Armed with these new insights and principles, I now approach life with fresh eyes. My mind is calmer and clearer, and I am ready to be present for life.

In 2016, after a near lifetime of striving and achieving, I finally hit a wall. I was at the height of my career, making more money than I’d ever made, with a big title and responsibilities, at a hot New York City startup. 

When friends would ask me how many hours I worked, I would jokingly answer “all of them”. Except it wasn’t a joke. Even when I wasn’t technically working, I was always thinking about work. Constant, never-ending, compulsive thinking. And with the thinking came the stress and anxiety. I stopped exercising, I stopped meditating, I gained 20 lbs.

When my wife and I started talking about having a baby, I knew things had to change. I needed to slow my life down, so I signed up for a coding bootcamp, taught myself how to code, and transitioned from an Executive Vice President to a Junior Software Engineer, within the same company. I moved to the suburbs and began working remotely. I spent countless hours in nature pondering life and what I really wanted. 

That seemingly radical move was the start of a transformation that has led me to where I am today. At the heart of that transformation was the question “how can I create work I love, without my work consuming me?” 

Think Less, Flow More

The answer I found was simple but profound. Think Less, Flow More.

For most of my life I’d been an olympic level over-thinker. I wielded my thinking like a hammer, and everything in life looked like a nail. Every problem, real or imagined, necessitated more thinking, and more thinking drove more stress.

Then one day I realized that almost all of my thinking was unnecessary. In fact, it was completely counterproductive and often downright harmful. When I really saw this I cut my volume of thinking by 80%, and everything changed.

Rewiring My Operating System

What I discovered was a whole new way of operating. With a simple “rewiring” of my inner operating system, I was able to tap into greater flow, creativity, and inspiration then I ever had. 

I saw that this state of flow was available at all times, in every activity, from sending an email, to doing chores, to working on business strategy and execution, to decision making. 

As a result, work and life started to feel easy, and I was producing better results in all areas of my life, with far less effort and stress.

Wake Up, Come Alive, and Live Life On Purpose

I founded Rewire with a mission to help entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals to wake up to their full potential, and create work and lives they love.

Now I’m sharing these principles with my clients and they too are seeing that it’s possible to have both greater success and greater happiness, and that unlocking the human potential starts with a clear and quiet mind.

I am a Certified Professional Coach with 15 years experience as a successful entrepreneur, executive, manager, coach, and mentor.

As Executive Vice President of Product & Operations at Adaptly, I helped the company to grow from a 10 person startup to a global operation of 150+ employees with offices in New York, LA, Chicago, and London. During my tenure we managed more than $1 Billion in total media spend for some of the worlds largest advertisers, including Ford, Frito-Lay, Gap Inc, and more.

In 2019 Adaptly was acquired by consulting powerhouse Accenture, and in 2020 after 8 years with the company, I left to start Rewire Coaching & Consulting.

Prior to Adaptly I was founder of two failed startups, both of which "failed". From these I learned what not to do in business. The businesses I work with today benefit greatly from this experience.

I’ve had a wide ranging career. I’ve been a gigging musician, run a concert production company, and spent 3 years as a software engineer.

I’ve always followed my inner voice no matter where it took me. Now I help others do the same.



For entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.


Find greater success with less stress and struggle. Create a business you love.

Services offered:


For professionals who want more meaningful work.


Create clarity, direction and purpose in your career. Transition to more fulfilling work.

Services offered:

  • 1:1 Coaching


For managers and leaders.

Improve your ability to powerfully lead yourself and others. Develop your personal leadership style.

Services offered:

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • 2-Day Retreat/Intensive


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